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I am co-organizing (with Laura Miller) a symposium on using active learning techniques in teaching undergraduate biology courses to be held at the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, 5-7 January 2015. Please click here for more information on the speakers and program.


My professional development has included a variety of teaching experiences, including instructing and assisting with a variety of courses in biology and mathematics, developing course materials for introductory and advanced courses, and giving guest lectures.

Teaching Assignments and Resources 

K-12 Assignments

SciREN Lesson Plan – Hiding in the Open: Exploring organisms of the open water ecosystem and their interactions (NC 5th Grade)
Introductory Slide Show [PDF] Lesson Plan and Activity Guide [PDF]

Undergraduate Assignments

Coming soon!


Undergraduate Courses

Math 233 – Multivariable Calculus. Instructor (Fall 2012, Fall 2013). This course covers vector calculus, vector functions, partial differential equations, multiple integrals, and three-dimensional space. Developed course material for a SCALE-UP format classroom using active learning techniques, provided links between course material and current research and events via social media.

Math 564 – Mathematical Modeling. Instructor (Spring 2013). Mathematical modeling of biological systems, including heart pumping dynamics, epidemiology, muscle mechanics, and population growth. Assignment submitted to the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science (now under review). Sample assignments: coming soon!

Bio 11 – Introduction to the Science of Living Organisms. Graduate student instructor (Spring 2007, Spring 2008, Spring 2009). This course is a non-majors introductory course that served to fill a science general education credit at U.C. Berkeley. Organized, developed, and ran laboratories. Gave guest lectures. Updated course material, edited course lab manual, developed new lab on diversity of the Arthropoda.

Bio 1B – Plants, Ecology, and Evolution. Graduate student instructor (Fall 2006, Fall 2007). Lecturer (Summer 2012). This course is one-half of the introductory course in biology for those intending biology as a major at U.C. Berkeley. Ran laboratory section and weekly discussion section.  Developed novel exercises and discussion material. Provided links between current research and events to course material via social media.

IB 135 – Mechanics of Organisms. Graduate student instructor (Fall 2010). This course covers topics connected with comparative biomechanics: the application of physics, mathematics and engineering to biological problems. Swimming, flying, running. Ran weekly discussion sections, developed exam materials.

IB 148 – Animal Physiology. Graduate student instructor (Fall 2009). This course covers topics in animal physiology, intended for pre-veterinary students. Ran weekly discussion sections, developed exam materials.

IB 103 – Invertebrate Zoology. Graduate student instructor (Spring 2012). This course covers the diversity of non-vertebrate animals. Ran biweekly laboratories and bimonthly field trips for sampling and collecting. Developed new laboratory material.


Peer-reviewed Teaching Contributions

Waldrop, L.D. Case Study: Modeling the Human Cardiovascular System. In revision with the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, January 2014.


Guest Lectures

Masc 101 – “The Organization and Diversity of Life.” Two part lecture series that explores modern taxonomy and phylogenetics with a guided tour of the tree of life for a non-major audience.

Bio 11 – “The mechanics of organisms.” Explored the connection between physics and biology with interactive teaching methods, demonstrations of physical phenomena important to biology.